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Tips for baby teeth and tooth decay - Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry


Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry focuses its services towards adult smile makeovers but several of our patients already have their own babies and we would like to warn all of you of a very “unsuspecting” enemy that can wreck your child’s oral health for life if you don’t take the necessary steps to avoid it right now.


A baby sleeping with a feeder bottle is at high risk of developing cavities even before he or she is barely teething. Juices and milk have a high concentration of sugars and no matter what age, a person always has bacteria on the mouth. The bacteria will keep on feeding and producing acids affecting the mouth of the child so NEVER leave the bottle on the mouth of a sleeping baby. We also recommend avoiding all kinds of sugary drinks between meals (soda, juice, and the like). Also, avoid sharing a spoon with your child; adults have a much wider variety of bacteria on their mouths and doing this could end up affecting the baby’s teeth, unknowingly transmitting these cavity crazed bacteria. And of course, please, do not give your child a pacifier with honey or sugar. Pacifiers affect the teeth on many other ways.


A baby’s teeth health might mark their overall health on its adult life… it doesn’t matter they are “baby teeth and they will fall anyway”, the infection will spread over to the permanent set of teeth when these fall. This is why is so important to clean your baby’s mouth with a soft wet washcloth before going to sleep; and that as soon as the baby’s teeth show up, you should start to brush them gently at least twice a day with a baby Fingertip Toothbrush  and ask your general pediatrician for information on a pediatric dentistry specialist to check right away.


Our dentists in Cancun specialize in dental implants and smile makeovers, but is also heartbreaking when very young people come to us suffering for complete tooth decay of their mouths and seeking for help. We usually need to wait at least for the patient to have finished growing to start with a mouth restoration treatment with dental implants because the bone might affect the position of the implants.


If you are young and wonder if you are candidate for a smile makeover or dental implants, please, send us your info and mouth photos through our Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry contact page and we will get in touch with you shortly!



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