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A Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry video review from Casey, owner of a wolf sanctuary in Canada!

A Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry video review from Casey, owner of a wolf sanctuary in Canada! Doctor German Arzate



We love when our patients return to give a review and testimonial of their experience after several years of visiting us. In this special occasion we got the presence of Casey, we call him the Wolf Man! Casey and his wife Shelly have been coming to their dentist in Cancun for 6 years. They are very special people because they work to preserve the wolves and their habitat in British Columbia Canada. We talked about them before. This time, Casey decided to make a video review testimonial about Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry to show everyone the great work we did with his smile and also to talk a little about his amazing efforts to save these wonderful creatures.


You have incoming here to see us for at least six years, no? or five, six years?

Six years, yeah.

You come to Cancun all the way from Canada and use to love it

I love it, yeah, and that’s another misconception, people don’t know much about wolves, and people think that, how can Mexican be good at dental work? And I can tell you right now that this guy he teaches American dentists, right, so their first class number one.

Oh thank you, thank you. It’s a privilege to have you here and also your lovely wife and they come every year they come every year like once or twice a year no?

Yeah, I missed it the last year.

Yeah, I know but you tried to come like often here.

I’m so glad to have you here thank you thank you once again, I feel honored to have you in here another hug to Canada, I think there are strong, strong people and strong fighters and here’s one of them, thank you for helping the world and it’s a privilege and he almost speak Spanish, almost.


Thanks everyone for watching and giving us your likes in the social media, I’m Doctor Arzate here in sunny Cancun.



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