Snap On Dentures, Implant Supported Dentures

Right now, many are eating, biting, chewing, tasting, laughing & speaking with their Mini Implant supported dentures, also known as Snap On Dentures!

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Implant Retained Dentures: What are they and what are the main benefits?

  • Immediate load! Set in ONE SESSION!

    It is a minimally invasive procedure! Speak and laugh CONFIDENTLY! Be yourself again and forget about messy dentures glue or adhesives!


    Eat anything you want! All foods you like, Snap On Dentures have NO PALATE! You will be able to taste food flavors better and enjoy all kinds of food!

Snap On Dentures, Implant retained Dentures in Cancun Mexico

Mini Implant Dentures

This Mini Dental Implants (MDI) are made of titanium, which is the strongest material available in the market. The head of this MDI has a ball in the top, at the edge of the implant. This ball shaped edge helps to retain or ‘anchor’ a device, such as a denture, with special rubber O-Rings or housings.

When the denture rest over the MDI it gets snapped over the ball shaped implant and rests gently over the gums creating a steady and strong bite.

All the MDI’s used at this dental clinic are imported and FDA approved. It is a minimally invasive procedure, it takes about an hour to set 12 mini dental implants in your jawbone. The mini dental implants have a ‘self tapping’ design and helps to anchor a fixed bridge or Snap On Denture (Palateless denture)

The reality is: Common dentures will never fit properly, in your mouth or in your life.

There is no point of comparison between mini dental implants vs dentures. Common dentures are an old known tale for many people since just in the United States, there are approximately 50 MILLION people that are lacking of one or several teeth and struggle on a daily basis with prosthetic devices.

Probably a large number suffer the typical discomfort that always comes along with loose or ill-fitting dentures.  It is common to know that many denture wearers avoid any social engagements as a result of being unable to use them properly.

Common dentures usually cause disagreeable breath, since some food gets trapped under the denture.

Lower dentures almost never fit properly since they usually become loose due to the bone density or gum irritations. Upper dentures usually hold a bit better due to the suction made over the palate, however this will reduce the taste of your food.

Denture wearers often complain about sores and experience some pain when chewing. Messy adhesives seem to become then, the only option for these people causing usually stomach problems.

With Snap On Dentures, Get the ‘Eat-A-Steak’ bite in less than a week and enjoy again ALL THE FOOD you like! Yes! You heard that right!

Snap On Dentures reviews show people eating steaks or peanuts.

Eat anything you want again, anything!

Steaks, fruits, peanuts, corn on the cob, candy, etc. You name it! With your Snap On dentures you will be able to enjoy again all those foods you miss! Eating whatever you like is a pleasure you deserve. Forget about soft food FOREVER.

Denture wearers know all the problems that usually arises when trying to eat with dentures. Since dentures glue could not be strong enough, some people even need to mash their food or cut their food in tiny bites to be able to eat.

Our Snap On Dentures are also PALATE FREE (They do not cover the roof of your mouth), that means you will actually be able to taste the foods you like. Palate has a strong influence in the taste of our foods. Enjoying your food will be a pleasure you will have no trouble remembering.

Q: I like the dentures I wear now but i would like them to be adapated with the O-rings to get the Snap On Dentures. Should I have new dentures made?A: Using your current dentures require to be fist checked by the doctor. If they can still be used and they have room for the O-rings or housings, then the answer in yes. In other cases, new dentures will have to be made.
Q: How do I know if I am a candidate for Mini Dental Implants?A: Almost anyone is a candidate for Mini Dental Implants. People with weak gums, missing teeth, denture wearers, etc.

However, Mini Dental Implants are not advised in the following situations: Uncontrolled diabetes, history of radiation treatment for cancer (this does not include X-rays for diagnostics), substance abuse, Immuno-suppression. Patients with the following conditions may suffer complications or failure with MDIs: Heavy smoking/drinking habits, Sjogren’s syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, people who clench/grind their teeth or young people in their growing years.

Q: Is it a painful procedure?A: The procedures is not a painful one, the implants are placed into the bone, there will be some tenderness around the gums and could be a bit swollen the first day when placing the implants. You will get your prescriptions and pain should be minimized. We use local anesthesia when placing the implants or we also have sedation option for anxious patients, at an extra cost.
Q: Will I have temporary dentures during the week of the procedure?A: In 80% of the cases, yes. Sometimes, to help the healing process we will advise not to have temporary dentures during those next 4 days after the procedure, if that is not your case, then you will never leave our dental clinics without teeth, we understand how important this is to our patients.
Q: How many Mini Dental Implants I need?A: For a complete upper Snap On Denture we recommend at least 6. For a lower complete denture we would need 7-8. It all depends on your grinding, size of your jaw, bone shrinking history, etc. After we see you clinically we will let you know your best option.
Q: How many days in Cancun do I need?A: If you wish to adapt your current denture with O-Rings we need you a couple of days (When we setup the implants) and the next morning we deliver your current denture adapted for Mini Dental Implants.
If you want new dentures we need you in Cancun 6-7 days and you will have to come to the clinic 3-4 times to test on wax and occlusion tests.
Q: Could my body reject the Mini Dental Implant?A: It could happen, but it is not up to you, it is up to your body’s reaction and of course your oral hygiene plays an important role. There is a 7% of mini dental implant rejection. It is your natural body reaction that in some cases will reject the implant with no apparent reason. Remember: Your own oral hygiene and habits is a very important factor and helps to avoid rejection. Smokers have higher chances to lose dental implants.
Q: Could I get an infection for getting Mini Dental Implants?A: It can happen if you do not take your antibiotics as prescribed during the procedure. If you are a smoker or if you have poor oral hygiene. The aftercare of your mini dental implants is your sole responsibility. Mini Dental Implants come laser sterilized and should, for no reason, cause an infection.
Q: If I am a smoker, can I still have Mini Dental Implants?A: Yes you can, but there is a big chance (25%) you will lose it. We give no guarantee at all on lost or rejected implants on smokers.
Q: Will I be able to sleep with my denture?A: Yes you can. It is your choice.
Q: How long do Mini Dental Implants last?A: They are meant to last a lifetime. However, just remember like in any healing process, the 50% of acceptance or rejection of any external object (just like an implant) in your body depends entirely on you. Your personal hygiene, habits, bite force, your body reaction.

Mini Denture Implants Cost Less In Mexico!

Getting your Snap On Dentures at our dental clinic in Cancun Mexico can help you save lots of money compared to the quotes you get from your home dentist.

Cost Of Mini Implants are $450 US each one.

The successful placement of the Mini Dental Implant solves your regular denture problems. Denture patients all over the world have experienced relief from loose or ill-fitting dentures when they decide to get Snap On Dentures also named Mini Implant Dentures.

Unlike “old-fashioned” dentures that rest on the gums (and sometimes must be fitted with messy dentures glue), the Snap On Dentures are anchored to multiple mini implant previously placed in your jawbone and is therefore much more stable and comfortable and gives you the freedom to speak confidently, laugh openly and eat almost anything you want! NO MORE SOFT FOOD!

If you already wear a conventional denture and you feel very comfortable with it and do not wish to get a new one, then we can adapt your current dentures to place some O-Rings to fit on your new Mini implants dentures. Your new Snap On Dentures are completed and working in just one week or less!

Keep in mind!

If you are looking for a FIXED BRIDGE solution, probably you are looking for ALL-On-4 dental implants protocol, which is also a fantastic solution! Click on this link to learn more about these denture implants.

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